We are here to help your customers break free of complex financial hardship, allowing them to pay their bills.

Holistic support

What is CareRing?

CareRing ensures people facing a range of complex vulnerabilities get the support they need, when they need it, giving them more positive outcomes.

The case management style is designed to bring together financial services, insurance companies, utility providers, other corporates, as well as community service and government agencies.

The model builds on the strengths and experience of customer care (hardship) teams and offers a range of services, programs and supports not readily available to business customers.

Who is it for?

For businesses nationwide who regularly work with customers struggling to cover their debts, or who face a range of complex issues making it difficult for customer care staff to offer appropriate support.

It is especially relevant for customers who are experiencing financial difficulties resulting from significant life circumstances such as losing an income, or are being affected by family violence, accident, illness or other adverse events.

What we provide.

Why partner with us?

Since CareRing’s commencement in July 2014, over 12,000+ households have been supported.

Benefits of CareRing include:

Who we help

12,000 +

households supported.


30 – 49 age group.


receive Government payments.




own their home.


households with 3+ people.




single parents.



Young, single mother, Ella, had to flee her home with her young children due to domestic violence.  Ella’s partner financially abused her. He took out personal loans and credit cards in her name.  Luckily Ella’s bank referred her to the CareRing Program for Financial Counselling after noticing her outstanding debts.