Family Violence
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Family violence groups offer a safe and respectful environment to focus on prevention, support and recovery.

Family violence support groups

You are not alone.

Family violence groups are an opportunity to discuss experiences with others in a supportive environment.

Our groups include:
Stepping Out

The Stepping Out program is an 8-week support group for women who have experienced family violence.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Defining family violence
  • Exploring women's and children's experiences of family violence
  • Talking about different types of family violence and their impact
  • Discussing rights to physical and emotional safety.
Men's Behaviour Change Program

Our Men's Behaviour Change Program provides individual and group counselling for men who use violence against their families.

This program involves 20 weekly support sessions where men take responsibility for their violence and abuse. It also provides support to those affected by the violence such as children, partners, ex-partners and other family members.
Adolescent Violence in the Home

Adolescent Violence in the Home affects all types of families and can be directed towards parents, carers or siblings.

We appoint an Adolescent Family Violence specialist to help support families who are affected by this issue. Our specialists provide management, intervention and support services to young people and their families so they can establish non-violent ways of expressing anger and other safe behaviours. We also have several families take part in a 10-week support group called `Step Up' which focuses on establishing respectful and peaceful problem-solving skills and ways of communicating with others.
The South Asian Men's Behaviour Change Program

The South Asian Men's Behaviour Change Program was developed in direct response to the significant proportion of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) men entering our Men's Behaviour Change Program.

This 22-week program is designed to account for the cultural issues relevant to South Asian families, as well as the social and economic effects of migration to a new country.

The program's culturally-specific support includes:

  • The law as it relates to family relationships and the consequences of using violence in Australia
  • Trauma, loss and grief in the resettling process
  • A lens on living in patriarchal societies and the impact of this on women and children's safety and wellbeing
  • Gender equality and the equal value of the different roles in the family
  • Issues surrounding alcohol misuse. 
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