Alcohol and other drugs
Group treatment

Working together to tackle alcohol and other drug use.

We offer group treatment for you to share and listen to other people's experiences of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use, coping and recovery.

Group treatment

Be there for each other

We offer a range of therapeutic groups for individuals, parents and families to support each other through AOD challenges.

Peer Support Group

This is a weekly gathering for people at any stage of their treatment and is open to anyone who has accessed our services at any point in their life. The group is run by two of our trained Peer Leads - who are people that have experienced Uniting AOD services - with the support of our Consumer Team Leader. 


This ongoing support group is for people who have completed our Catalyst or Torque programs. The purpose of Momentum is to provide ongoing support and connection for as long as participants need. The group allows people to discuss any issues that may arise, to review and apply coping skills, and strengthen tools and strategies learned. 

Caring Dads

This group-work program is for fathers who have used family violence. The program works to improve the parenting behaviour of fathers who have exposed their children to family violence, increasing the safety and wellbeing of children and their mothers. 

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