Working together to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice.

Our services

Get the support you need to care for the ones you love.
Emergency Relief
If you are in crisis or experiencing hardship, our emergency relief services are here to help. Uniting has delivered 35,000 food parcels and vouchers for people in crisis.
Employment Services
We support people living with neurodiversity, injury, or disability to find meaningful work and reach their career goals.
Early Learning
Uniting has helped 5,200 children receive early childhood education.
Family Services
Sometimes families need some extra support so they can work towards a happier and healthier future.
Money Matters
Finding it hard to manage your finances? We're here to help.
Training and Education
RTO training for you and your team.
Social Enterprise
Social enterprises are one of the ways you can support our work.

About Uniting

Uniting Vic.Tas is the community services organisation of the Uniting Church, delivering services and programs across Victoria and Tasmania.

We strive to make a difference for individuals, families and communities.

Inspire people, enliven communities

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Get invovled.

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support our services here at Uniting.
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Neurodiversity refers to the diverse range of neurological differences that exist among individuals, including conditions such as ADHD, or dyspraxia. Individuals who are …

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