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Christmas Appeal

Gifts For Families.

After everything we’ve gone through this year, we all want Christmas to be extra special. But for many families, it will be a struggle to afford gifts. We want to ensure that everyone who comes to us for support this Christmas will not go without gifts.

Jeremey's story

Experiencing homelessness at 49 years old, Jeremey is now helping others in a similar fate.
The single father found himself homeless and living deep in the bush, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Enduring sub-zero temperatures, piercing winds and struggling to access basic food and hygiene needs – Jeremey’s physical and mental health began to deteriorate. Luckily a chance encounter with Untiting marked a turning point in his life. Discover Jeremey’s story here. 

“I had always fought my way out of things but with this I was lost."

- Jeremey

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