b'Partnering with consumersThe Uniting consumer partnership journey continues to blossom.We have added new partnership groups and recruitedmore consumers to work alongside our people. Working togetherPublic Policy ConsultationsWe ensure a consistent and safe approachUniting consumers provided valuable insight to our consumer partnership activities.into the issues affecting their lives for multiple By bringing together the expertise of ourgovernment submissions. These included: employees and the lived experience of our the Royal Commission into Victorias Mental consumers, we can innovate and make a realHealth Systemimpact on peoples lives.the Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoriathe Senate Inquiry into Adequacy of Newstart Emergency Relief Consumerand related payments and alternative mechanisms to determine the level of income Partnership Project support payments in Australia This year, we were guided by the input of the Victorian Inquiry into Early Childhood consumers to improve Emergency Relief servicesEngagement of Culturally and Linguistically at Uniting. Consumers were involved in a co-designDiverse Communities.process to review the current state of servicesWe are grateful to everyone who shared their time and provide suggestions, based on their livedand reflections for these submissions, particularly experience. those who shared their personal stories for case The process included reviewing the service modelstudies. Your participation helps shape decisions. and mapping the consumer, employee andBy sharing your story, you ensure that consumer volunteer journeys. This led to recommendationsvoices are heard and the real-life impacts of public for redesign and a communications toolkit. policy decisions are not forgotten. By working together, we were able to achieve a deeper understanding of those who come to us for Emergency Relief. We made a promise from Uniting to everyone who accesses our services: You will always be welcomed, respected and heard when you access services. This promise guides and forms the basis of our service model improvements and will be brought to life by everyone at Uniting working in this area.40 Uniting Vic.Tas Annual Report 2019-2020'