b'Marching with prideThe Uniting motto of Fear less, love more was chanted from our contingent as well as the crowd, it sent shivers down my spine. I couldnt stop smiling.Rowena For the first time in our short history as aand consumers. A demonstration that Uniting state-wide organisation, Uniting Vic.Tas was anservices and environments are safe spaces to all official participant in the 2020 Midsumma Pridein the rainbow community.March in Melbourne in February.Rowena Stewart, Uniting Vic.Tas Early Learning More than 80 Uniting employees, volunteers,Co-ordinator in Horsham, says participatingconsumers and supporters joined thousandsin the march filled her with love and hope for of others in a celebration of love and diversity.the future.People made the trip from as far awayAs a Uniting employee and member of the as Horsham and Shepparton to join theLGBTIQ+ community, I was made to feel festivities. Together, we marched under thewelcome, she says, referencing walking motto "Fear less, love more". Pride Marchalongside a number of fellow Uniting spectators picked up the chant as we took toemployees from across the state. the streets of St Kilda. Our "Freedom from discrimination is not freedom to discriminate"I felt so at ease, being able to walk down banners referenced our concerns about theFitzroy Street and to see the many thousand Religious Discrimination Bill, and were alsomembers from the community come to well received. support the day.The spectacular act of unity on display wasCE This story reflects our commitment testament to the strength of Victorias LGBTIQ+to inclusive, just, thriving, and connected community, says CEO, Bronwyn Pike.communities enabled.She explained that being at Midsumma wasOur staff, volunteers and supporters proudly took part in the a show of solidarity with Uniting colleagues2020 Midsumma Pride March. Uniting Vic.Tas Annual Report 2019-2020 29'