b'Strategic Plan 2018-2025We launched our strategic plan in 2018. Its a reflection of the collective voice of the Uniting family, shaped through engagement with our people, consumers, volunteers and stakeholders. The plan sets out how we will bring our purpose to lifeto be one organisation working to inspire people, enliven communities and confront injustice. As we continue to build momentum and drive our vision forward, the focus of our ambition is guided by two main objectives: to change lives and communities and to change how we work. As you read this report, you will see tabs with one of 5 acronyms, identifying activities that are contributing to the outcomes we want to achieve through our work. OurOurBuilding Outcomesambitions goals our capacity for the futureRights andOM Life outcomes participation Safe, comprehensive maximisedand effective Prioritisingconsumer-directedCEInclusive, disadvantage services that arejust, thrivingvalued by consumersand connectedBest start in life Changing communitieslives and enabledSafe families communitiesIC InjusticeReducing harm fromPlace-based,confronted andalcohol and otherintegrated solutionspublic policydrugs that build on familyinfluencedand community Changing disabilitystrengths to tackle and mental healthinequality PS Impactfulprovision and mutually beneficial partnershipsWorking insupportedpartnership Organisational culture and practicesChanging howSOSustainableReconciliation andthat ensure wewe work organisationredress are just, effective,known for itsefficient andstrong identity,Evidence andaccountable culture, capabilityadvocacy and systems10 Uniting Vic.Tas Annual Report 2019-2020'