b'Directors ReportCorporate StructureUniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited is a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and is domiciled in Australia.Nature of operations and principal activitiesThe principal activities during the year were to advance social welfare by providing support to people in need.EmployeesUniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited employed 3,959 employees as at 30 June 2021(2020: 3,782 employees).Volunteers and donations in kindUniting has 2,155 (2020: 2,497) active volunteers who make an invaluable contribution to the work of Uniting. During the financial year under review, the volunteers provided approximately 1,161,846 hours of service which would equate to approximately $48.47 million. Uniting also received donations in kind valued at approximately $2.93 million which have not been recognised in the financial statements.Review of results of operationsEntity overview Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited is the principal community services organisation of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.Social welfare activities providedUniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited delivers 667 (2020: 683) programs and services that enrich communities in Victoria and Tasmania.These programs support and counsel people in crisis and include homelessness services, youth and childrens services, accommodation, disability services and emergency relief and deliver such services in ways which promote human dignity. Uniting also promotes research into community needs and advocates attitudes and actions which aim to lessen disadvantage, poverty and exclusion in the community. Operating results for the periodUniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited reported a profit for the year of $11.4 million (2020: $2.0 million). The total revenue of Uniting for the year was $321.9 million (2020: $293.9 million) and includes property contributions related to asset transfers received from Vermont Elderly Peoples Home Incorporated upon winding up of their charitable organisation during the financial period.Impact of COVID-19 during the period The impact of COVID-19 on Unitings ability to deliver services was assessed by Management on a continuous basis and primarily affected revenues in the following service streams.Opportunity ShopsTraining and Consultancy ServicesDisability Services Child Care CentresCOVID-19 cost impacts during the year included but were not limited to additional resourcing in residential facilities, Personal Protective Equipment and improved access to technology to support remote working. During the first quarter of the financial year, Uniting received the JobKeeper subsidy support provided as part of the government initiative to assist organisations through the lock-down period across Victoria and Tasmania.DividendsUniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Limited is a not for profit charitable company operating undera constitution which prohibits the payment of dividends or distribution of profits.48 Uniting Vic.Tas Annual Report 2020-2021'