b'Buildinga futureto beproud ofBarry *forges lifelongrelationships inResidential Care.For a lot of Barrys young life, he has been linkedIve been in Residential Care longer than other with care services. But it hasnt always been easy. care settings and its helped me in so many ways, Connected with Child Protection since 2008,its given me so many great memories. Its given Barry has been in a variety of care services sinceme a temporary family and when the day comes 2018, including kinship care, foster care and, mostthat I move on, its going to be a really hard day. recently, residential care. Forging lifelong relationships and learning When news first broke that I was going to aessential life skills, Barry feels set up for success Residential Care Unit, it was like a cat trying toand ready for the real world. Barry knowsbarkit wasnt going to happen, says Barry. that he has the support he needs to achievehis dreams even after he leaves care.But my expectations were very different toMy hope for the future? A lasting legacy,reality. After being in Residential Care for over asays Barry. I want to be the first in myyear, I can safely say that I love Residential Care.family not to waste the gift of life. I wantEncouraged and supported in his home, Barry hasto accomplish something.grown into the kind of person he wants to be*This is a true story about a real person. Some details such as names someone who is ready to face challenges and livehave been changed to respect the wishes of the person featured. The a fulfilling life. photo accompanying this story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a photo of the person featured in this story.Residential Care has and always will be a big part of my life. Its been crucial to my development in every way possible, he says.Residential Care has made me the person I am today.16 Uniting Vic.Tas Annual Report 2020-2021'