b'Over 60 years of hope.On 16 March 1963, at 5.00pm Lifeline was born to reach thosein moments of despair, loneliness or crisis. Concerned by the increasing phone callsof Lifeline open every minute of every day, from people in distress, including a manallowing the service to be there for peoplewho took his own life, Wesley Missions thenin their darkest moments.Superintendent, Rev Sir Alan Walker, foundedToday, with 41 centres across Australia, Lifeline the 24/7 telephone crisis support service.has answered 23 million calls and is the leading The line took 50 calls in the first night and 11,664suicide prevention service in the country.in the first year. Unitings Lifeline Melbourne and Ballarat delivers From a desperate call, the tragedy of suicide crisis support and suicide prevention services, and a helplessness that was felt by many answering over 3,000 calls each day which is one the amazing work of Lifeline was born. call every 30 seconds. Rev Sir Alan Walker Since opening in 1963, compassionate volunteers Since this day over 60 years ago, compassionatehave been the foundation of the service.volunteers across Australia have kept the linesPictured: Lifeline moves to Wesley Centre in 1979.The Gippsland Pride Hubproudly connecting community across Gippsland.When our carer services team first met the Gippsland Pride Initiative (GPI), they learnt of the need for LGBTIQA+ connection, celebration and capacity building in the Gippsland region.Together with the GPI the team explored whatIts a welcome and safe space offering respite might look like for LGBTIQA+ people.connection, community and advocacy across the They considered how important communityvast shires that make up the Gippsland region.spaces are for people to feel safe to comeSince then weve hosted almost 20 LGBTIQA+ together, to share their experiences, and tocommunity events, including breakfasts, know that allies are there if they need them.barbeques, an inclusive swim day and aAnd ideas flowed for events that would supportPride Gala.LGBTIQA+ people to be visible, and to beCarer Support Coordinator, Aimi says no event themselves, in their community. has been the same.In August 2023, in partnership with the Weve had to adapt and be bold and GPI, we proudly opened the Gippsland Prideimaginative. Weve made a few mistakes,Hubthe first Pride Hub for LGBTIQA+ folksbut by walking alongside and listening,across Gippsland.trust has blossomed. 8 Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2024'