b'Moving for a good cause.Late last year, Rev Mat Harry undertook the challenge of the Melbourne Marathon to raise funds for a worthy cause. Mat met up with Uniting staff from theScan to learn more about Street to Wimmera Street to Home program, andHome or visit abc.net.au/news/2023-immediately he was inspired to run in 10-17/homeless-charity-for-victorian-support of the program. rough-sleepers/102896790The Street to Home team in the Wimmera region offers assistance and companionship to those experiencing homelessness and sleepingRun Melbournerough. The outreach workers in the team areGet active and run or walk for Uniting.equipped to offer material aid like sleeping bags,Registrations are now open for Run tents and swags to keep rough sleepers warmMelbourne, on Sunday 21 July 2024. Lace up and safe during the nights.your runners and you can run, jog or walk They also provide food and essential items, whilst raising funds for individuals, families and connect people with a range of health care,and communities facing vulnerability across mental health services, and drug and alcoholVictoria and Tasmania. support. Sometimes, even just a chat can make the biggest difference to someones day. Scan to register or visit Thanks to the generosity and support fromrunmelbourne24.grassrootz.com wonderful people, Mat amazingly completed /uniting-vic-tasthe 42 kilometers, and raised over $1,700 dollars for the Wimmera Street to Home program.No bucks, no worriesserving even more people in Tasmania.NoBucks Dining Hall provides more than justand volunteers is now able to produce around a meal, it also provides a sense of community65 two-course meals, five days a weekalmost and a safe place to make connections you50% more than what they previously produced.can count on. The program has been able to expand its NoBucks was established in Hobart, Tasmania inservices beyond lunchesnow providing 2007 by members of the Wesley Uniting Churchpackaged meals for emergency relief clients and congregation when the church was left a gift in other food relief services to locals experiencing a donors will.homelessness or social isolation.Demand for services such as NoBucks are onVolunteer, Suzanne has been there from the start.the rise, with the latest ABS Census finding thatFor many, its unfortunate circumstances that more than 120,000 Tasmanians are living belowlead them to a tough place in life, says Suzanne.the poverty line. Ive met some lovely people along the way and It was more timely than ever last year thatI just hope that Ive been of some help to those NoBucks underwent a much-needed upgrade.people when needed.With a newly fitted kitchen, our team of staff 10 Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2024'