b'Collective spirit.Uniting have worked alongside local communities across both Victoria and Tasmania for over 100 years.We continue a proud history of standing upWe recently refurbished the kitchen, which for people experiencing vulnerability andmeans we have been able to expand our services marginalisation whilst partnering together to meet demand. Many of the same friendly to enliven communities around us.faces that were there from the start are still Uniting, through its founding agency Wesleyproviding warm greetings to the people coming Central Mission, opened its first charity shopthrough the door.in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, in 1933. OurAll these services are possible throughOp Shops continue to invigorate communitiesthe dedication of hundreds of volunteers andmaking the world a better place through dailythe generosity of our supporters. Thank youaction, creativity, and connection. for your ongoing support and help to deliverWe have an exciting growth strategy for our a brighter future.Op Shops, drawing on the strength of our Uniting community to create a safe and welcoming space where quality used items are given a second life and sold at affordable prices. And in doing so generate funds to support local Uniting programs. Bronwyn Pike Sixty years ago Rev. Sir Alan Walker, then Chief Executive OfficerWesley Mission Superintendent, foundedLifelinethe worlds first centralised 24/7 telephone crisis support service. Now with41 centres across Australia, Lifeline has saved countless lives and steadfastly maintained its commitment to supporting people in crisis. In October, many long-serving staff and volunteers from our Melbourne and Ballarat based Lifeline teams attended a receptionat Government House to mark the occasion.Our community meals programs providemeals and a safe space to make connections. NoBucks in Hobart was established in 2007by former members of the Wesley Uniting Church congregation. 2 Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2024'