b'Helping people understand their past.The experience of being in out-of-homecare, or affected by adoption as a childor young person can have a lasting impacton a persons life. Many seek to understand more about what happened in their past and how their placement has shaped their present.The Uniting Heritage Service exists to support people, and their family, who were adopted or spent some or all of their childhood in out-of-home care services provided by the Uniting Church and its Presbyterian and Methodist predecessors.It helps people access informationsuch as Working in thechildhood records, photos and other documentsHeritage Service. so they can better understand their history.Uniting offers this service from our knowledgeBy Heritage Service manager, of the profound impact on people and their Catriona Milnefamilies of the past, says Heritage Service How does it feel to work in the manager, Catriona Milne. Heritage Service?We offer a service that recognises our ongoing Humbling, challenging, hopeful andcommitment to those people for whom we profoundly moving.accepted responsibility as children.People tell us about the impact it has.For some, its realising that they were caredLearn morefor. For others its about lessening the burden of pain. Many people seek peace and want to be heard and offered redress. They seek to manage the memories and pain that play out in their everyday lives. If we do a good job when people come to us for records and information, we can to some extent lessen the trauma of the past. Many seek answers as to why they werethere. For others its about finding wherethey belong and who they are.I remember one person commenting:Wading through my past records hasnt been easy, but I finally feel like I do exist now.Another person said: Until I know who I was then, I dont know who I am now.It can also help the children of people who were separated from their family to better understand their parent, and it can be about remembering, understanding and honouring that person.Its a privilege to work at the Heritage Service. 4 Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2022'