b'Welcometo Autumn.Two years on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and it looks like weve finally found a way to live a COVID normal life. For many though, the impact of COVID-19 continues to create challenges. Last year we worked with the SwinburneAnd in doing so, they have saved countless lives.Centre for Social Impact to produce a reportCongratulations to everyone in the Ballarat on the withdrawal of COVID-19 income andLifeline team, past and present.tenancy support.The No Fighting Chance report highlights theAnd well done to our Headspace Horsham team difference these payments made to peoples lives. for their innovative approach to supporting the mental health of local youth. For the first time many didnt have to worryI hope you enjoy reading about their new virtual about how they were going to pay the rent, buyreality program on page 9, along with the other medicine or have enough food for themselvesgreat work our teams are doing across Victoria and their children to eat. and Tasmania. Losing these payments when they were rolledThank you for your loyal support of our work.back by government had a serious impact onI cant tell you how much we appreciate it andpeoples mental and physical health. so do the people we work alongside. The report strengthens the case for a permanent increase in income and rental supports.You can read more on pages 6 and 7 of this newsletter. Our Lifeline services in Melbourne and Bronwyn Pike Ballarat have never been busier than since Chief Executive Officerthe pandemic started.As demand continues to grow, Ballarat Lifeline reached its own milestone and celebrated its Find out more50th Anniversary in November. about Bronwyn For half a century, our volunteers and trained counsellors have provided a lifeline for peoplein crisis.2 Supporter Newsletter Autumn 2022'