Uniting Vic.Tas 2020 Bushfire Appeal

The bushfire events over the New Year have affected all of us deeply.

The overall community response has been wonderful, but we are aware that there are gaps or unmet needs emerging in material aid. At the same time, the impact of these bushfires and the devastation they have caused will be felt in these communities for years. 

We have identified two main ways that your donation can support relief and recovery.



has been raised to date for our Bushfire Appeal 

Buy urgently-needed goods

Local needs will be very different across the fire-affected areas and will continue to change. We are encouraging people to donate money that we can then use to quickly respond  to whatever is needed.

Organisations interested in donating specific categories of goods can call 1800 060 543.

Fund services to help communities recover

We will be working locally in the coming weeks and months to understand how best we can support recovery in these communities once the immediate crisis is over. That is why our appeal is calling for donations to support longer term relief and recovery efforts.

A message from our CEO

The bushfire events over the New Year have affected all of us deeply. 

These are our communities. Many of us live and work there, have family in these areas, or have other personal connections. We have a long history together of building the capacity of individuals and families and being a source of support at difficult times, across Victoria and Tasmania and into New South Wales.

Contact us 

1800 668 426