Support an even brighter future

This Christmas and New Year, you can support parents who are working hard to give their children a better life.

Life’s moments, good or otherwise, happen to everyone. Our inner strength teamed with supports around us can determine how well we move forward.

At Uniting, we support people to gain the skills they need to succeed.

Donate today to the Christmas Share Appeal to help families achieve their dream of a brighter future. 

Practical programs that make a difference

Skye is a young mother from George Town in Tasmania who recently came to the realisation that her troubled childhood was starting to take its toll on her young family and wanted to make a change.

Skye reached out to Uniting to help build the skills and knowledge she needed to be the best mother she can be to her young children.

Walking alongside people in their time of need

Freya and Levi are a young couple who earlier this year discovered they were expecting a baby.

After hearing the news, Freya and Levi soon realised their current living situation was not suitable to raise a child.

 “When we explained our living situation to (Uniting support worker) Lisa, she told us that it wasn’t a suitable environment to raise a child and that our baby could be removed from our care. That was awful to hear,” Freya said.

With the support of Uniting, Freya and Levi secured a two-bedroom unit to call home as they prepare for the birth of their son.

Your Christmas donation will support vulnerable children, young people, and families through our extensive range of services.

Together, we can create a bright future for all.