Spread the warmth this winter

Keep families warm this winter and enable Uniting to provide blankets, pyjamas, winter woollies and swags for everyone finding it tough right now in your local community.

$29 provides 1 x warm blanket
$58 provides 2 x warm blankets
$87 provides 3 x warm blankets
$100 provides warm pyjamas for a family of four

$115 provides 1 x swag
$230 provides a set of 2 swags
$460 provides a set of 4 swags

So the challenge is even greater this year during the pandemic to keep those who are most vulnerable in our community warm and sheltered during a cold, wet winter.

Please donate online or drop off new items at any of Uniting's offices or Emergency Relief services. Any donation will be gratefully received and will make a big difference.

The impact of your donation

When you donate, our charity partner Good360 can make your money stretch further by helping us source more blankets, winter woollies, swags and essentials from generous suppliers.

The Spread the Warmth this Winter Appeal supports the thousands of people who access Uniting’s Emergency Relief Services every month seeking nutritious food, financial assistance and other support.

Over 2,800 interactions with people at risk of homelessness to help find stable accommodation

More than 32,600 meals and food vouchers accessed by 11,600 people in crisis

Thank you for helping families and those sleeping rough stay warm this winter.

Other ways to support the most vulnerable in our communities

Support with compassion

This year’s Uniting Winter Share Appeal means more than ever before to so many people. In these trying times, the face of vulnerability is changing.

Small contribution. Big difference.

A small sacrifice like donating the cost of your weekly coffees can make a big difference to someone in need.

Fundraise for us 

With your generous support we are able to make a real difference to the lives of the people and communities we work alongside.