Share Sunday 2019

Hearts – beating for others

Celebrating Community Service
Sunday 11th August 2019


  1. Introduction
  2. Worship Service
  3. Sample sermon
  4. Acknowledgement
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Share Sunday celebrates the amazing range of community services being undertaken by our agencies, parish missions, presbyteries and congregations and provides opportunities to partner together as we respond to Christ’s invitation as disciples to serve humanity seeking to create an inclusive, connected and just world.

These resources include a sample service, including a sermon, (text and video) and suggested hymns.  An additional PowerPoint file and video of the sermon accompanies this resource for those congregations who use data projection in worship. These resources are available to download, but not in hard copy. However, if you are unable to download them, you may request a USB memory stick to be posted to you. Please adapt the material to suit your context and congregation(s).

This year’s particular focus and occasion might be the time to have a shared-lunch, invite some local Uniting staff, board members or volunteers along to present in worship or afterwards. If you need a local contact to extend such an invitation, please let Deborah Grace Loh know: P: (03) 9192 8101E:  

Our hope is that these resources will enable you to focus on how hearts – beating for others, sustain, support and build up our community echoing God’s heart for those missing out on the fullness of an abundant life.  

Based upon the lectionary scripture readings for Sunday August 11th 2019, Pentecost 9

Isaiah 1: 1, 10 -20

Psalm 50: 1-8, 22-23

Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-16

Luke 12: 32-40

(These resources could be used on other Sundays or times of worship if departing from the lectionary is permissible in your context.)

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