Rehabilitation At Home

Rehabilitation At Home

We provide a range of residential and non-residential withdrawal services for young people and adults.

Our withdrawal services:

  • help people cease or reduce their drug use
  • focus on reducing harm
  • provide a range of withdrawal services including outpatient, home-based and residential
  • provide medical, emotional and pharmacological support
  • links clients with post withdrawal support
  • are not stand alone services and are usually most effective when part of a longer term treatment plan that addresses behaviour change and harm minimisation

All our treatment and support services are free. There are fees for some of our training and educational group programs.

Outpatient withdrawal

The Outpatient Withdrawal Service assists people who experience mild to moderate withdrawal and who can be appropriately managed without admission to a residential service. The service is provided by a registered nurse who works with general practitioners in the community to monitor withdrawal symptoms, provide information and support and link clients to appropriate post withdrawal services.

Homebased withdrawal

The Homebased Withdrawal Service works with young people and adults to provide a safe withdrawal in the comfort and security of the client's home. It is provided in conjunction with general practitioners in the community. Registered nurses monitor withdrawal symptoms, provide information and support to clients and family members and link clients to appropriate post withdrawal services.

Non-residential rehabilitation programs

Our Catalyst and Torque programs provide a six-week model for people who have completed withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs. They enable participants to practise new skills each day in their home environments and build new patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Post-withdrawal support

Care and recovery co-ordination

As part of the changes to the Victorian AOD treatment system, people with particularly complex needs may be eligible for additional support from a Care and Recovery Co-ordinator to assist their entry into treatment and connect with other services to help build on progress made during treatment.

How do I access AOD services?

Assessment and intake

Our Triage service is the first point of contact for clients, families and workers for all enquiries about our treatment programs. Triage staff can conduct initial screening, refer clients to an appropriate service and follow up on referrals. Interpreters can be arranged through speaking with a triage worker.

our experienced clinicians undertake comprehensive psycho-social assessments for people accessing withdrawal and/or counselling services.

For further information on any of the withdrawal services programs, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 700 514.

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