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Enjoy in-home independence with a Home Care Package.

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Stay in control. Stay at home.

Live the life you want in the home you love.

Enjoy aged care services at home with Uniting’s Home Care Packages program. Tailoring our services to fit your situation, we’ll help you stay in your own home for as long as you can.

We’ll work with everyone with an important role in your life – you, your family, your healthcare professionals – to create a Home Care package that fits your needs.

Tell us about yourself: your life, your home and your goals. We’ll get to know you, making sure you feel supported at every step.

What does a Home Care Package include?

Looking for extended aged care in the home? Whether you need a little or a lot, we’ve got you covered.

The Home Care Package levels include:
Level 1
Basic care needs
Level 2
Low-level care needs
Level 3
Intermediate care needs
Level 4
High care needs

Feel comfortable and confident with care that is right for you.

Access services, including:
Clinical Care
Professional support, including nursing, allied health, and physiotherapy.
Support Services
Assistance at home, support for social activities and help when visiting the doctor.
Personal Care
Daily help with personal needs, including showering, dressing and moving around your home
Help with preparing and eating your meals - special diets included

Take the stress out of your supports. Choose Uniting as your HCP provider.

Your Uniting HCP: committed to your care.

Our team is dedicated to enriching the lives of older people.

Uniting services Home Care Packages in the Greater Melbourne, Hume and Goulburn Murray regions.

We’ll be with you every step of the way so you understand your options and can create the care package you deserve.

With guidance from our experienced team, you’ll be able to make confident choices about your care. 

With the support of your personal care manager, you will:

Uniting packages

It’s up to you how involved your Case Manager is in the assistance you get from Uniting. We offer two levels of management, for you to choose whichever is right for you.

Economy Package

Enjoy full control of your HCP.

Our Economy Package gives you access to all our services, if or when you need them.

After our initial assessment, you can decide what you need. With the support of our administration team, and an on-call consultant, you can coordinate your services to fit your needs.

Premium Package
Let us do the hard work for you.

Our Premium Package gives you full care management through a personal consultant. After an initial assessment, we'll tailor your services to fit your needs.

Your consultant, and our dedicated Customer Service Team, will coordinate your care. You can relax; we'll take care of the rest.

How do Homecare Packages work?

How much does a Homecare Package cost?

Are you Australian, over 65 and in need of some help at home? We’ve got good news.

In Australia, the core cost of your HCP will be covered by the Aged Care Government subsidy.

Thanks to this subsidy, your chosen care provider will receive monthly funds for your care.

If you have the capacity, as assessed by Centrelink, you may be asked to personally contribute to your care.

Don’t let costs keep you from your care. If you are concerned about your financial situation – we can help.

Download our Homecare Package costs and fees or talk to us to find out, or to talk more about Financial Hardship Assistance.

Basic Daily Fee

A Basic Daily Fee, which can be charged at up to 17.5% of the single age pension.

If you choose Uniting as your HCP provider, your Home Care Packages Daily Fee will be waived.
Care Fee

An Income-Tested Care Fee might apply if your income is over the threshold.

If you're a full pensioner, or have an income below the threshold, you will not be asked to pay a fee. The threshold varies depending on your individual circumstances.

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