b'September 2023Home ConnectWelcome to the September edition of Home ConnectWeve had some beautiful winter days recently and we are excited to touch base again as we head towards spring. Youll be receiving Your Place newsletter once every two months. We hope to keep you more updated with important information regarding your home and the Uniting community. Meet Rick*For the past three years Rick has been one of Unitings valued Renters.I got burnt out, said Rick. Rick has also made friends with the other Renters Due to the fire, I was homeless. I lost everything. living in his building.Luckily, Ricks family were able to reach out toWe had a little coffee club going. Id make them Uniting for support. a coffee and wed chat about nothing, he joked.They rang me two or three days later and saidToday, close to local markets and back in the theyve found me a place. community he grew up in, Rick is content he hasa safe and secure place to call home.Three years on and Rick has made his Uniting apartment his permanent home. His rent and bills are paid directly from his pension,* This is a true story about a real person. Some details such as names taking away the stress of managing his accounts. have been changed to respect the wishes of the person featured. The photo accompanying this story is for illustrative purposes only. It is not I dont have to worry about finding rent everya photo of the person featured in this story.week.Over the years Rick has brought the complexs communal garden back to life. Share your ideas with us From herbs to vegetables to flowers, the gardenWed love to hear what you wantis one to marvel at. to see in this newsletter.I cook everyday now. I dont need to buy a lot E [email protected] stuff.1 Home Connect Newsletter Spring 2023'