Our relationship with the Uniting Church

We’re proud to be the community services arm of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.

We recognise and value the heritage of congregational and presbytery collaboration with our founding agencies.

We’re working to strengthen models of mutual engagement between Uniting and congregations, and to develop sustainable and flexible models for congregations to ensure together we can continue to respond to the needs of those who are vulnerable in our community.

Our Church and Community Engagement Committee is leading this initiative which will form the basis of a paper to be taken to the Uniting Board. Director of Mission, Rev John Clarke, is currently holding consultations with congregations, presbyteries and parish, alongside Martin J Cowling, former Associate National Director of UnitingCare Australia.

Rev John Clarke and our Mission and Ethos Partners, Rev (Deacon) Gavin Blakemore and Rev Lisa Stewart (commencing in October), have oversight of our connections with the Uniting Church, with each member of the Uniting Executive Team assuming the role of primary contact for one of our eight presbyteries and staff working to build strong links with local congregations across Victoria and Tasmania.

We warmly welcome comments from church members to hello@vt.uniting.org or via this survey.