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Wimmera Grampians Outreach and Community Services.

Uniting Vic.Tas provides a wide range of social, family, mental heath, alcohol and other drug, and disability services to help Wimmera Grampians residents feel adequately supported. From emergency relief, counselling, to foster care, you can receive the support services you require in order to thrive.

Our range of Horsham programs

185 Baillie Street is home to a range of different programs including homelessness support,
NDIS services, counselling, foster care, and child care services. Most of our programs cover residents of West Wimmera, Hindmarsh, Horsham Rural City, Yarriambiack and Northern Grampians regions. We offer flexible access with a combination of office, outreach and other options available. Reach out to us to learn more.

185 Baillie St, Horsham Directions

Alcohol and other drug addiction can negatively affect all aspects of your life as well as those around you and the wider community. Uniting Vic.Tas offers a variety of different services from counselling, harm reduction programs, detox, rehabilitation, home based withdrawl and additional family support services. We also provide tailored support for Aboriginal and Indigenous people.

Horsham social support is here to help others connect with those around them, and join in helping others connect. Social support focuses on new skills, creating a network with like-minded people, and building each other’s confidence.

In times of crisis, Uniting can provide you with emergency relief services. Whether you require food or fuel vouchers, non-perishable items, material relief or information on available community supports we’re here to help.

The Christian Emergency Food Centre in Horsham and Stawell Uniting Church are emergency relief access points that can assist with food, vouchers, bills and general expense assistance

Across Victoria and Tasmania, we offer a free Energy Bills Support program. Uniting Vic.Tas can help you if you’re getting behind on your energy bills and require assistance to contact your retailer, stop a disconnection notice or set up a payment plan. We can also help you learn more about how you can save money on your energy bills. Call us on 1800 313 126 or email [email protected]. This is a free over the phone service, that anybody can access. 

As a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we offer our services to those living with a disability.

There are opportunities to develop new skills on site like cooking, computing, and budgeting, as well as meeting new people and connect with the local community through our social inclusion support day program.

IFS Specialist Disability Program 
A specialist program for families in Integrated Family Services (IFS), who require extra support with NDIS access and participation. We can assist your family to navigate systems of disability support, including disability advocates, disability service providers and mainstream services. We provide case consultations to Family Services practitioners, including for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.
  • Family is eligible for a Family Services response
  • Child or parent/carer has a disability
  • Disability access and participation is an identifiable need at intake (although it may not be the primary concern)
Referrals and consults:
Children with Complex Disability IFS (CCDN) 
CCDN provides family and disability supports for children with complex disability needs to remain at home (preservation) return safely home with their family  (reunification), or reside safely outside the family home.
  • The child/ren is an NDIS participant
  • The child/ren has complex disability support needs that may not be sustainably met in the home
  • The child/ren is not at risk of immediate harm requiring a response from Child Protection
(Please note that parents may also have a disability)

Positive mental health is essential to overall good health and wellbeing. Uniting Vic.Tas’s mental health counselling provides people across the Wimmera Grampians region with mental health and wellbeing support.

We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. Find help for a range of issues including managing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, working through grief, managing relationships, and dealing with change. We also offer specialised counselling programs for children under 12 years old to support children’s wellbeing.

Family matters can be challenging, but don’t necessarily have to be dealt with alone. Engage with our range of family and parenting services at Uniting Vic.Tas Horsham.

These services include:
Parenting skill development group, one-on-one and playgroup sessions
Family mediation services to ensure clear and constructive communication
● Out of home care services including Kinship care and leaving care

● Residential care
Flexible and affordable child care.
Family violence services which provides those experiencing violence or abuse with counselling support, group sessions and access to escaping violence payments.

Foster Care

Uniting Foster Care services work to recruit, train and support foster carers who can provide safe and nurturing families to children who are unable to live with their birth families. The aim is to provide stable and loving homes for children and young people in need, helping them to achieve their full potential and move towards a brighter future.

Wimmera Strengthening Parent Support Program 
The Wimmera Strengthening Parent Support program is for families who have a child or children with an intellectual disability, physical disability, developmental delay, sensory or an acquired brain injury.
The program offers opportunities for families to regularly connect with other families in their community for mutual support; to share experiences, ideas and strategies; attend information sessions and hear from guest speakers on relevant topics and to receive regular updates and news.
Access to Early Learning Wimmera
Access to Early Learning supports families with enrolling and engaging in kindergarten. Our experienced, qualified facilitator will help you get the best outcomes for your 3-year-old child.
Referrals for this program are completed by case managers and support professionals. Email referrals to [email protected].
Child, Youth & Families Alliance
The Wimmera Child, Youth and Families Alliance includes senior representatives from partner agencies that deliver Family Services and Family Preservation and Reunification programs in Wimmera as well as senior representatives from the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) (Child Protection and Agency Performance and Systems Support) and Family Safety Victoria (FSV Wimmera). The Alliance aims to drive collaborative systems integration and improvements for children and families to be healthy, well, connected and safe in their community.
Early Childhood Development Co-ordinator
The role of the Early Childhood Development Coordinator (ECDC) is to strengthen service responses and partnerships between Child Wellbeing Practitioners/family services and early years’ service providers to maximise vulnerable children and families’ opportunities in accessing and remaining engaged with early years’ services.

Everyone deserves safe and stable housing. Uniting Vic.Tas Horsham offers multiple housing services such as transitional and community housing to find affordable and suitable places to live. We are also able to provide tenancy support services if you are having issues with existing housing.

In the case of currently being homeless or if you are in danger of losing your home, you can access our emergency housing and other homelessness support services so you can find safe and secure housing when you need it most.

For some students, it’s easy to become disengaged with school and for attendance to rapidly drop. Our school engagement programs work with students in primary and secondary who are at risk of disengagement. Our programs encourage confidence and build on children’s strengths, enabling them to reconnect with their school community and find a renewed interest in their education.

Young people aged 12-25 and living in Wimmera Grampians can access our variety of tailored youth support services.

These services include:
Mentoring services for young people aged 12-17 who are facing personal, family or educational difficulties.
Residential services to provide young people with safe and stable housing.
Support services for young people to create connections and restore family.

Adolescent Support
The Adolescent Support Program (ASP) supports young people aged 12-17 years who are in crisis and may be displaying challenging behaviours. The ASP provides early intervention strategies through to case management, and can assist them to live safely with their family or independently. Referrals are made by Child Protection Practitioners.
Finding Solutions   
Finding Solutions is a rapid response program for youth aged 12-16 years and their families, who need assistance to avoid family breakdown.
We help family members to work together to negotiate solutions. Contact Child Protection in Geelong on 1800 075 599 to discuss your concerns and access this service.
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