212 Sydney Road

Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre Brunswick.

Our Brunswick location is on 212 Sydney Road, and offers a range of community inclusion and multicultural programs for people newly arrived in our community.

After being newly arrived in Melbourne, having a safe and welcome space is crucial. Our Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre in Brunswick provides services and support such as inclusive and community activities, referrals to employment, education, health and counselling services, and guidance with immigration issues including referrals to legal services. 

To learn more, contact us on (03) 9326 8343 or email [email protected].

Multicultural Social Support and Inclusion Services

If you are newly arrived in Australia and are resettling in the Brunswick area, our multicultural services are here to help you connect with your local community. The social support and inclusion program works to assist you in forming new friendships and finding culturally-sensitive activities to participate in, such as events, workshops and volunteering opportunities. 

We also offer a Women’s Group which provides a women’s only class for English as an additional language, along with a monthly gathering. Our LGBTIQ+ peer support group provides a formal, resourced platform for peer-to-peer activities and relationship building, as well as facilitating connection to the broader LGBTIQ+ community.

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