212 Sydney Road

Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre

Our Asylum Seeker Program in Brunswick provides services for people newly arrived in our community.

We provide support with:

  • Food and essential items
  • Housing
  • Financial assistance and counselling
  • Guidance with immigration issues
  • Access to legal advice
  • Referrals to employment, education, health and counselling services.

Our programs encourage people to socialise and build community connections.

  • The Welcome Centre is a safe and welcoming community space for people seeking asylum in Melbourne
  • The Women’s Group provides a women’s only class for English as an additional language, along with a monthly gathering
  • The LGBTIQ+ peer support group provides a formal, resourced platform for peer-to-peer activities and relationship building, as well as facilitating connection to the broader LGBTIQ+ community.
212 Sydney Road, Brunswick Directions
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