Share Sunday Appeal - All are Welcome.

Support those struggling to manage their mental health.

Welcoming you exactly as you are

Share Sunday.

Share Sunday is an opportunity for the whole of the Uniting Church to acknowledge the vital community services undertaken by our agencies, parish missions, presbyteries and congregations.

It is also an invitation to continue to explore how we can partner together as we respond to Christ’s calling to serve humanity seeking to create an inclusive, connected and just world.

This year, the focus of our Share Sunday resources is mental health, around the theme of ‘All are welcome’.

Worship resources

The worship resources are available to download. However, if you are unable to download them, you may request a USB stick to be posted to you. 

These resources include:

Please adapt the resources to suit your needs.

Additional resources

The following resources are also available for download to make it easier for you to help us continue supporting people who are struggling to manage their mental health:

All funds raised will support those who are struggling to manage their mental health.

Hear the real story

Paul’s story.

Social isolation is a crippling feeling. Paul Camilleri knows this all too well. Diagnosed with bipolar in 2001, Paul has battled the stigma attached with mental health for most of his life.

“I’ve always felt a bit different than other people...I was bullied a lot at school. And I was the outcast in my family growing up."

Uniting Winter Share Appeal

Leaving her country of origin, she came to Australia in 2019 to marry her childhood sweetheart. Together at last, it felt like a dream come true: a real opportunity for love, happiness and new beginnings.   

“I wanted to find new meaning and a new hope, living a healthy family life,”

Hear the real story

The team that keeps giving.

A snippet from the Autumn Newsletter

For most, Christmas is the ‘season of giving.’ But for the team at Epworth HealthCare, it’s something they do all year round.

“It’s nice to know that the food we donate will immediately help people in their time of need,”

A snippet from the Autumn Newsletter

Janet is committed to caring for others – now and in the future.

“My mother died more than 50 years ago,” says Janet. “But, while she was alive, she always encouraged us to think about others.”

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