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Christmas Appeal

Your support has never been more important.

After bushfires and a pandemic, your community needs your support more than ever.

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Give the greatest gift

Hope for the future.

A growing number of people across Victoria and Tasmania are experiencing vulnerability and crisis.

With your support, we can offer practical and emotional support to lighten the load. 

Your support will help people get back on their feet and bring hope for a brighter future.

Relevant information

Sonia's health worries

After a life-changing operation, Sonia was ready for a second chance at life.

Still recovering from surgery, life became high-risk when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia. Due to her low immune system, Sonia knew she couldn’t survive a case of coronavirus.

Overwhelmed and anxious, Sonia’s sense of stability crumbled into crisis.

I was petrified because I knew if I got (COVID-19), I wouldn't survive. I don't have an immune system to fight it off.

- Sonia