Small contribution. Big difference.

The level of devastation communities are facing is worse than ever due to COVID-19. 

We have seen rising numbers of unemployment, family violence and people unable to pay their rent or mortgage.

For many of us, the COVID-19 restrictions put on hold the daily and weekly activities we enjoyed. Because of this many, of us are saving money, such as$100 by dining in, the $60 ticket fee to see a sports game or $80 a month due to gym membership cancellations.

But for the thousands of people across Victoria and Tasmania who have lost their job or had their hours reduced, this is the least of their worries.

A small sacrifice like donating the cost of your weekly coffees can make a big difference to someone in need.

The face of vulnerability has changed as many people experience financial hardship for the first time.

Uniting’s emergency relief services provide food, personal care items, material aid, financial support and links to other services to help people who are struggling to make ends meet.

By donating the cost of activities you have saved money on in recent months, you can pay it forward to people who need your support right now.

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What we do

At Uniting, we work in partnership with people as they work towards a brighter, healthier and happier future.

With the help of supporters like you, we’re there for people in the areas of crisis and homelessness, alcohol and other drugs, child, youth and families, mental health, disability, early learning, employment and aged and carer services.

Over 69,000 crisis call answered at our Lifeline services in Melbourne and Ballarat

Nearly 230 people with disability supported access meaningful employment

Over 2,700 children nurtured in our Early Learning services

Nearly 2,500 older people supported to live independently

More than 32,600 meals and food vouchers accessed by 11,600 people in crisis

Over 2,800 interactions with people at risk of homelessness to help find stable accommodation

Small sacrifice. Big difference.

Emergency Relief Services

We will be there for you when you need it most.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, we can provide practical resources and guidance.

Freya and Levi's story

Freya and Levi are a young couple from Launceston who earlier this year discovered they were expecting a baby.

Partnership to deliver crisis accommodation for women in Melbourne’s East

“The numbers of women over 55 years of age requiring homelessness support are underestimated and under-reported,” Uniting Vic.Tas CEO, the Hon. Bronwyn Pike said.