Refugee and Asylum Seeker Emergency Appeal

We have recently learnt that more than 160 refugees and asylum seekers are about to be released from community detention with nowhere to go, no job and little income support.

This is because the Australian Government has recently decided to grant Final Departure Bridging Visa E (BVE) to asylum seekers who were transferred to Australia from Nauru and Papua New Guinea for medical treatment.

When people on these visas leave community detention, they will receive a government payment for just 3 weeks. After that, they will be expected to support themselves.

Our Asylum Seeker Program can help them find somewhere to live, and put food on the table. We can also help get them ready for work. However, this will only meet some of the demand.

There are many ways you can help.

Make a financial contribution

To donate over the phone, call our Supporter Services team on 1800 668 426

Mail your donation to: Asylum Seeker Emergency Appeal Reply Paid 85995, A’Beckett Street, Vic 8006 (your stamp will save us costs)

Donate food and clothing

You can donate non-perishable food and good quality clothing at 2 Uniting locations:

Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre
212 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Opening hours: 9.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday 

The Settlement Hub in Shepparton
140 Maude Street, Shepparton
Opening hours: 10am-4pm Monday to Thursday

Provide accommodation

If your congregation has a property that can be used for temporary accommodation, we would love to hear from you.

Please call Andi Jones on 0409 091 734.


We need volunteers to help:

 - make hampers
 - deliver food
 - drive people to appointments
 - help run women’s and LGBTIQ+ groups
 - write CVs and job applications
 - run community garden projects at the Settlement Hub
- run English conversation classes at the Settlement Hub on weekends.

To volunteer your time, contact Aimee Dare at the Asylum Seeker Welcome Centre in Brunswick on 0417 249 162 or Mohsin Yakta at the Settlement Hub in Shepparton on 0488 110 444.