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Make a difference in a person's life.

With so many people in our community being impacted by the pandemic, partnering with Uniting is an opportunity to give someone living with a disability a new opportunity.

Employment funding that makes a real difference

Supported Wage System.

To help businesses employ people living with disability, the federal government has set up the Supported Wage System (SWS). The SWS is set up for employees with disability who are not able to perform jobs at the same capacity as someone without a disability.

Under SWS, special workplace arrangements are created so that employers can pay fair wage to a person with disability based on their capacity to perform the role. 

Under the SWS program, your business can receive up to 8 hours of supported wages and receive ongoing support from our team.

Benefits of teaming up with Uniting Employment Services

Candidate matching

Match employment opportunities to candidates who are ready to work, knowing you are also making a difference in a person’s life.

Ongoing support

Receive support at every step from onboarding to help your employee transition into your business, to regular check-ins throughout their time with you.

Funding eligibility

Gain access to government funded financial assistance to help your business continue supporting staff with disability.

What people say about the Uniting team

The whole process with Uniting is supportive, and there is help with integration and training."

Jamie, McDonalds licensee

Uniting helped me gain a work placement which led me into getting this job."

Christopher, Australia Post employee
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Disability Employment Services is an Australian Government initiative funded and supported by the Australian Government.


Our partnership with PeoplePlus allows us to continue to offer job seekers highly-tailored assistance in vocational training, employment preparation and work experience opportunities across Victoria and Tasmania.


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Are you an organisation with clients needing specialised disability employment services?

Uniting has a track record of partnering with organisations who are looking to support their clients to find jobs and access support services.

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