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Disability Employment.

If you’re living with a disability and seeking employment, we’re here to help.

Your journey starts with personalised care. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your needs, so we can find the right fit for you.

Let us support you with School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES), or Disability Employment Services (DES).


2,300 +

people were supported on their employment journey in 2023.



of second year SLES participants said they were helped to find work experience in the area they are interested in.



of parents and carers said the young person had gained confidence since their time in the SLES program.

Success stories

Aiden, Leila, Nathan and Ramadan from Uniting Vic.Tas’ School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program have had a fun fortnight working retail and hospitality jobs at 2024 Australian Open in Melbourne.

I feel so good about working in the retail space. It's really busy and my shift goes quickly, but I’m enjoying learning to use Point of Sale.

Ask any school leaver today how they feel about finishing school and taking the next big step into the world, and many will say ‘excited’, ‘nervous’, or ‘uncertain’. Leaving school and thinking about university or work can be daunting. Now imagine how a school leaver living with a disability might feel.

“I’ve learned a lot about work safety and my rights in the workplace. I’ve really enjoyed Pathways 2 Employment."

Neurodiversity refers to the diverse range of neurological differences that exist among individuals, including conditions such as ADHD, or dyspraxia. Individuals who are neurodiverse often face unique challenges in the workplace.
Uniting Op Shops across Melbourne are celebrating community collaboration and inclusivity, encouraging everyone to discover their unique style, personality and self-expression. Working with the Employment Services team, Uniting Op Shops are helping young people living with a disability make their way in the world.  

“It’s amazing to see [the SLES participants] develop a belief in themselves."

Kelli remembers being locked down in her home for two weeks without warning.
Uniting Vic.Tas is partnering with GOTAFE, NESAY Inc. and the Brotherhood of St Laurence to deliver a newly funded Education First Youth Foyer at Wangaratta.
yasmin smiling at camera

Social Housing Employment Program

At just 20 years old, Yasmin made the courageous decision to flee from Somalia with her two-year old son.

People living in social housing will benefit greatly from this initiative through creating jobs for residents and delivering better services,

When Jobs Victoria Advocates Barbara Mangles and Sharon D’Cruz began working with Uniting Vic.Tas in Shepparton, they could never have imagined just how far and wide across regional Victoria they would get to spread their skills and reach.

"My son talks very highly of the program and the trainers...every trainer has been great. He feels like he’s learning and looks forward to each day. As a parent, we feel that the program is benefiting our son."

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