Homelessness and Housing

You can be part of ensuring everybody has a place to call home.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and have a place to call home. But tonight, 24,000 Victorians are homeless – a 14% increase in the past five years. In Tasmania, more than 1600 people are homeless.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time to take action. You can be part of the solution. Let’s work together to fix the system and support vulnerable people in our community for a better future.

The problem

In 2016-17, one in every 56 people in Victoria accessed some kind of homelessness support. In Tasmania, figures from 2015-16 show that it was one in every 66 people.

Living with week-to-week insecurity or being homeless has a huge impact on people’s physical and mental health.
The homelessness crisis is affecting some particularly vulnerable people across Victoria and Tasmania:
• 1 in 4 homeless people counted on census night were under the age of 25
• The number of Victorian women experiencing homelessness is up 8.3% in five years – an additional 10,432 women with nowhere safe to stay at night
• 1 in 5 people experiencing homelessness is over 55.

Across our services, we are seeing people at all stages of being at risk of homelessness. We provide food and emergency services, tenancy assistance, transitional housing and accommodation, loans, mental health support and job and case management support to those that need it most. But the demand is rising. Last financial year we supported 12,111 people in Victoria, with more than 126,000 separate occasions of providing assistance. Between 2015 and 2017, we recorded an 83% increase in people accessing our emergency relief services.

People who come to us for support continue to tell us that a lack of affordable housing directly affects their ability to better their circumstances and look forward to a positive future.

The solution

Fixing the problem requires all of us to get involved. That is why we’ve joined the Everybody’s Home campaign. We’re working with other organisations across Australia to campaign for change we all know is needed and will make a difference for vulnerable people. We’re asking for Federal and State Governments to:

  • Increase public housing levels to 10% of all housing stock
  • Develop a national housing strategy for more low-cost rental properties to meet the demand for affordable housing
  • Provide a better deal for renters to stop unfair rent increases and evictions, and give all renters the security they need
  • Give immediate financial relief to Australians by increasing Commonwealth Rent
  • Assistance for those struggling just to get by
  • Commit to a plan to end homelessness by 2030
  • Make home ownership more achievable to reduce pressure on the private rental market.

Find out more about what we want State Governments to do to fix the housing crisis.

Read our position paper on Housing and Homelessness in Tasmania.

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Read our submission to the Victorian Parliament's Inquiry into Homelessness.

Get involved and make change happen

There are two ways you can make a difference with us.

Let’s unite our voices and make a change. Join us in signing the Everybody’s Home petition.

Support our homelessness and crisis services - your donation now will support vulnerable people in our community today.